Piano Therapy.



Music is the universal language and its power to effect transformation is profound.

Piano is a universal instrument that offers a range of expression and involves all aspects of music (melody, rhythm and harmony) which makes it a natural therapeutic tool. While listening to music is a passive experience, playing is active and offers greater access to states of music immersion. It is more conducive to creating an inner space that brings deep feeling and attention to the surface and allows the music to express to be a conduit for our emotional and transcendent qualities. 

Piano therapy is a new modality that involves close listening and playing melodic fragments and parts of pieces with the goal of accessing feeling states. It also aids contact with the 'observer' self that is beyond feeling. Unlike traditional piano lessons, it does not have skill development as a goal, and is accessible to those who do not have prior piano playing experience. It utilizes right handed single note playing primarily.

It can augment work done in a traditional therapeutic setting which uses verbalization and elaboration with language and relational processes. The pieces are selected for their evocative potential and widely experienced emotive effect. Selections are aimed at different parts of the feeling spectrum and are determined after an initial consultation. Cultural factors are taken into strong consideration. Sessions are typically organized around a theme. 

Piano Therapy works on:

Emotional regulation 

Expressive tools

Self-state awareness


Gentle exposure

Improved listening/attention skills

Somatic experiencing and awareness

Ducks Over the Lake
Compassion Series

Selections from this series can aid the development of compassion,  forgiveness, developmental mourning, post-traumatic growth and hope, letting go of the past and resilience.  

Faith Series

Music focus on connecting to faith, hope, perseverance, and persistence.

Communication Tower
Possibility Series

These pieces focus on connecting to a sense of possibility, openness, looking at things differently, choices and new directions.  

Joy Series

Melody is the emphasis and the pieces focus on connecting to joy, celebrating the present moment, the fullness of life and gratitude.

 Piano works by the composer/music therapist