Group drumming could be more effective than anti-depressants 


What Playing a Musical Instrument Does To Your Brain 




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Drummers - natural intellects






List of the benefits of listening to music. 




Acc to research, music:

Releases dopamine in the brain
Releases serotonin, helping create brain conditions to even out mood 
Decreases cortisol, the stress hormone 
Boosts your immune system
Reduces anxiety 


New Ways Into the Brain’s ‘Music Room’



Dr. Northrup on the health benefits of drumming



"According to Michael Drake, author of several books on the therapeutic value of the drumming, the fact that playing drums requires a great degree physical exertion as well as a deep focus on almost every limb and muscle in the body, encourages more emotional release and stress relief than instruments that only require the mental bandwidth of the hands and fingers. That means guitarists and pianists don't get nearly the same rush."

-Tom Barnes,



Article on studies that show drumming enhances cognition, attention and school performance