Jam Therapy with Bass and Drums.



For beginners:


As students begin to make their way around the drumset and learn basic beats and fills, we play simple bass lines on the bass guitar along with them to develop their sense timing and synchronization with other instruments. Drums and bass give the structure to music. Students learn to listen to simple basslines and play along with them. Playing with others develops their listening skills and ability to work cooperatively as a team. Its also a grin inducing experience as they see how one part complements the other and they experience the joy of playing live music in a 'band.' 

For intermediate students:

Students playing at intermediate levels are ready for more varied rif oriented jamming. The basslines we play may be from songs they know or rifs that highlight particular beats they are working on. Styles from rock, fusion, country, intermediate freilach, Jazz, Calypso and more. Phrasings with 16th note rests, triplets and 16th note triplets, rolls, flams, flamacues, ruffs and more.

This applies more advanced drum technique and sensitizes the ears to the groove, makes it easier to remember and understand the way bass phrasings work with the drum parts.  The groundwork is laid for more advanced drumming and syncopation. 

We also work out A, B and C rifs to get used to changing grooves in song parts. These transitions broaden rhythmic competence, dynamics and general style awareness.    

For advanced players:

Advanced players work on complex drum and bass interchanges. Jams are more stylistically diverse and particular to a player's interests. They include more syncopation, lots of 1-e and 3-uh, a broader range of rhythmic possibilities and more complex material. Styles include linear funk, experimental rock, fusion, Jazz, horas, sambas, afro-cuban, songos, New Orleans 2nd Line and more. 

Drum Circle for Mental Health Professionals:

Social workers, mental health counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists have notoriously draining jobs. There is a need for balance and self-care. Drumming offers a unique medium,  a particular form of unwinding which is mentally creative and very physical. It engages the brain and body and offers that mental zone and flow state which is stimulating and engaging. It is also an opportunity to join with others and play together, express, initiate and respond in collaborative non-verbal but richly interactive way. We offer a monthly drum circle at the Flatbush Drum Clinic studio and more frequent small group circles upon request. Email flatbushdrumclinic@gmail.com for further info.