Advanced Drum Workshops



Triplets  and the 7 stroke roll

Session 1 

Triplets pattern ideas

8th notes and triplets in rock, funk and fusion

Solo ideas

Session 2 

16th note triplet phrasings for more dynamic fills

Solo ideas

Session 3

Integrating triplets, 16th note triplets and the 7 stroke roll


Session 1 

Advanced flam rudiments

Swiss Army Triplet

Fill and Solo ideas

Session 2 

Applying pataflafla ideas dynamically 

Flams, Flamacue and 6/8

Session 1 

Flam rudiments

Flams and 8ths, triplets with rock, punk, funk and fusion examples around the set

Solo ideas

Session 2 

Flamacue rudiments

Flamacue and dynamic fills in rock and fusion

Flamacue solo ideas

Hi Hat Foot 

Session 1 

Understanding the role of the hi hat foot

Hi hat foot in rock on 2 & 4 and 1 & 3 positions

Hi hat foot 8th notes in rock and funk and 

Session 2 

Hi hat foot in funk and fusion

Advanced beats with left foot on quarters and 8ths 

Bass Guitar