Having studied and taught many styles, with experience in both live and studio work, we offer a broad, rounded learning experience on the drumset that goes from beginner to advanced.  Drawing on the educational approaches of drummers, Andy Ziker, Dave Black & Sandy Feldstein, Garey Williams, Johnny Rabb, Thomas Lang, Steve Gadd and many other drummers.   FDC offers 3 levels of achievement certificates. 

Bass Guitar

As a composer and bass player in multiple genres, with a solo piano album on Pandora that makes heavy use of left hand, contrapuntal ideas  ('The Faintest Whisper Is Deafening') the approach I focus on with bass considers the fundamentals, chords, scales and how they relate to songs as a whole. We begin with a solid understanding of chords to genre specific workings of the rif, and using counterpoint in songs and bass ideas. Always, of course centered in the rhythm aspect of bass. 


The experience of learning djembe after many years of studying and playing the drumset allowed the unique application of classic beats, rudiments and sticking patterns to the djembe. Our approach makes extensive use of a range of mutes, flams and slaps as well as ghost notes to maximize this incredibly dynamic and deeply resonant percussion instrument. Our orientation aims to make this instrument usable in a range of styles and settings.


The boom traditionally associated with the bass drum made its way to the cajon for a more portable and woody tone that offers dexterity and spontaneity for all kinds of jams, and large and small event playing. It is very satisfying to play and has become a mainstay for many acoustic groups. We teach traditional drummers many adapted beats from the drumset to the cajon.

Slap Top Cajon

This original and portable instrument offers great tone and playability without lower back trouble of traditional cajons. Like the djembe, it offers 3 major tones which are used to construct beats.  

We apply drumset ideas and rudiments.



This new program involves weekly group singing sessions where students learn to sing 3 part harmonies and rhythmic vocal counterpoint to contemporary Jewish songs by A. Fried, Lipa, MBD and others. Its educational but also uplifting and therapeutic.